About Ventnor Memory Park

An Urban Oasis " Pocket Park"
for Nature Conservancy coming in 2021!

Ventnor Memory Park was conceived in Fall 2017 as a privately-financed philanthropically driven project for city beautification to create a world class Pocket Park. The non-profit acquired 4 tiny foreclosed"infill" and rubble-filled lots abandoned since nearly a decade earlier, in the heart of what had historically been a vibrant business/residential district fallen on increasingly hard times in latter part of 20th Century and early 21st, located in the most densely built section of Ventnor, near its border with Atlantic City. 

The HOPE: That a park's open space and green would serve as a “showcase” near Ventnor's main commercial street’s border with Atlantic City. 

Ground was broken in December 2019, with good progress despite unexpected findings as tonnages of concrete and masonry rubble were removed from the ground. The pandemic of 2020 affected the park's progress, just as it impacted many businesses and households across America. Supply chain delays late in 2020 as one vendor closed its business and laid off workers without fulfilling an order placed months earlier found the 90% completed park "winterizing" its splash pad and irrigation systems and awaiting spring 2021 to recommence the Final Stretch. A soft opening coinciding with Memorial Day weekend now finds Summer 2021 starting on the much happier note of an open space oasis completed for Ventnor residents to enjoy.  

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