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Because … with gardening and a park
"It’s always something."

GOAL: $75,000

This is a pooled fund page of the Gift Bag shopping cart.  Its goal represents the purchase price and installation costs of the following needs of the pocket park:


Tri-Level Water Fountain, with ADA-compliant mid-level and Fido-friendly bowl

Flag pole (commercial grade) & flags for the Flag Plaza

ADA-Compliant gardening sink

ADA-Compliant gardening table

Raised Gardening Beds for the Community Garden Area

Bike BikeRack from Dero with VMP “brand image” bonded on front wheel disc

Security system for Park (includes monitoring cameras to deter vandalism, and secured access system on front gate)

Audio Jacks (to be mounted & wired in Gazebo; removable speakers for events requiring audio are planned for safe storage)

Bulletin/Signage Board on Posts, with Scheduling Calendar & Special Events

Donations in any amount are welcome.  The Top Ten Donors toward this pooled category of fund-raising will be determined after goal is achieved, and honored on a metal plaque mounted at the back of the Signage Board. 

Orders may be processed online.

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