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The Park hopes to take advantage of price breaks accorded to volume orders for engraved bricks, and our goal is 1000 bricks for the initial lay down of Regimental Red bricks in sizes 4”x8” & 8”x8” — all lovingly bought by Ventnor stakeholders to commemorate special events, loved ones, beloved pets and the like. The bricks will be laid around the circular splash pad in the center of the circular pavered piazza at center of the park. 

Orders may be processed online.
Through your confirmation email to Brick Markers USA’s intake webpage for our Ventnor project to input their inscriptive.

  • Step 1. Click the "online" link and you will be provided with 4 major SELECTION Options (a) Size and (b) text-only or text-with-symbol
  • Step 2. Complete our secured online purchase form making sure to complete ALL required fields. Payment processing is handled through VMP’s website which goes directly into our LOCAL BANK Ocean First in Margate.
  • Step 3. After you have cleared processing, check your EMAIL (check your spam also). For your tax records, there will be an acknowledgment letter for you to give your CPA if you itemize for charitable deductions. At the BOTTOM of that letter will be a hyperlink which you must click.
  • Step 4. The link will have delivered you to a portal at the website for BrickMarkers, our Vendor, and to a preselected form that matches the size & style you selected at Step 1.
  • Step 5. The lettering on each line is centered on the line. Proceed to fill in your SPECIAL MESSAGE CAREFULLY. Then press to complete that session.
  • Step 6. Look for an email from Brick Markers as it will provide YOU with a PROOF of what you submitted.

THANK YOU for supporting THE PARK!
OUR GOAL: 1,000 bricks to maximize revenue for the park’s ongoing needs, our goal is 1,000 bricks (for a volume price discount) and to make the Labor Cost of lifting & replacing blank bricks with inscribed bricks worthwhile.

Brick Size Characters/Line Max # Lines Price Per Brick
4" x 8"
Text Only
20 3 $150
4" x 8"
Text + Symbol
12 3 $200
8" x 8"
Text Only
20 6 $450
8" x 8"
Text + Symbol
20 4 $500

BRICK INSCRIPTION GUIDELINES: Ventnor Memory Park and Brick Markers USA reserve the right to decline any brick donation application if it is determined to be inappropriate by virtue of a stated or implied obscene or profane message. Take care if abbreviations are part of what you wish to have inscribed. Precise location of the purchased bricks will be determined by the masonry subcontractor, although all red bricks purchased pursuant to this aspect of the overall fundraising effort are planned for the central circular piazza area surrounding the splash pad, in center of the pocket park. No addresses, phone numbers or websites are permitted as inscriptions on the engraved bricks.

BrickMarkers USA was selected as most experienced supplier offering the best quality. The firm bas successfully worked on New Jersey projects both large (New Jersey Devils Plaza) and smaller (Cape May Stage and Cape May Police/Fire/EMS). Brick Markers® patented laser engraving processes (Vitra Jase® and Vitrix®) vitrify the bricks with inscriptions, rendering the lettering into a glass-like "fill" in the space. Older techniques such as mechanical engraving or sandblasting, which create indentations prone to water filling the space, freezing and cracking the lettering, or "putty" or epoxy fills of indented lettering, were rejected as problematic. ****** **PERMANENCE is THE POINT in commemorating your loved ones or special occasions********

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