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The Concept

VMP was conceived in October 2017 as a privately-financed, philanthropically driven project for city beautification which has claimed a tract of land in the heart of what has historically been the most densely built section of Ventnor, near its border with Atlantic City, to create a world class Pocket Park.  A “showcase” near our main commercial street’s border with Atlantic City.

VMP’s Mission is to preserve OPEN SPACE, to feature NATIVE COASTAL SPECIES trees, shrubs and perennials; to practice CONSERVATION of resources; and, to ENLIVEN COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT in an 80’x87’ tract of land transformed into an URBAN OASIS. 

SUPPORT from Ventnor’s stakeholders is invited in the classic mode of the THREE T’s 


  2. TIME


NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS  -- not Municipal, State, or Federal – have been called upon to finance the land acquisition of the four “infill” lots that are now unified into a single tract, nor the professional and design fees, permit costs, bonding or other outlays leading to the imminent build-out of the park’s space. This undertaking is private citizen initiated and non-profit.

A family with ties to Ventnor since 1948 has, over four generations spanning six decades, witnessed the 5000 block of Ventnor Ave. go from vibrant to troubled to demolished and neglected.  They saw nature “reclaiming its own” in an empty lot, even though the greenery was weeds and crabgrass.   They thought:  

  1. WHAT IF, close to its border with AC, Ventnor could make a statement that it celebrates NATURE and BEAUTY and OPEN SPACE even in the heart of a commercial district?

  2. WHAT IF, right in the heart of the commercial district, there were to be an open space that resembled a neighborhood piazza, available to merchants, church groups, civic associations to stage events and promote foot traffic?

  3. WHAT IF, close to the heart of each person who LOVES Ventnor, that OPEN SPACE also allowed residents to enjoy each other’s company whether it be a children’s play group, a dog romp group, a league devoted to weekend games of cornhole, neighbors using the community garden space planned for the rear of the parcel, an Old Coots Discuss The Headlines morning meet-up group to enjoy reading newspapers, coffee and each others’ company.  

  4. WHAT IF, Ventnor stakeholders could also commemorate their LOVED ONES who have passed into memory or who have celebrated special milestones deserving of commemoration?  

The basic design concept from which this pocket park drew inspiration came from Ketchum Memory Park, a pocket park right on the Main Street commercial corridor in another town where the family acquiring and donating this land for OPEN SPACE preservation regularly spent family ski vacations.   

The Concept
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